Drain Cleaning – One of the most common complaints we get is when people call about a foul smell coming from one or more toilets in the house.

There can be many causes for this smell. A damaged wax seal ring under the toilet can allow sewer gas to seep out into your bathroom. If your toilet moves, this may be the cause.

Another common source of smells is organisms that normally stay in your sewer have moved to the house side of your toilet trap. The problem is most common during hot and humid weather. You can eliminate the smell by doing a simple DIY drain cleaning: Pour some common household bleach into the overflow pipe of the flush valve inside the tank. If this fix doesn’t solve it, the problem could be drain related and for that, you’ll need to call a professional.


If you need a professional drain cleaning, you can always call us to take a look. DrainWorks has been servicing the GTA for over 20 years and we’re experts at drain cleaning.

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