Award Winning Plumber Toronto – My company has been graciously awarded for our plumbing service expertise several times. Specifically, we have dominated the drain service award category in the greater Toronto area for years. Still, the question comes up: “who gives a plumber an award?” Well, consumers do, but I suspect the real question is “who in the world cares about plumbing enough to give a plumber an award?” It’s a fair question, and to answer it, I’m going to share a story that my ad guy told me.

One night he had dinner with a British ad executive who had recently come back to Toronto after holding a senior position at a very large Japanese advertising agency. The ad exec told a very interesting tale about the day the Chairman of Japan’s largest Electronics Company visited his ad agency. All of the agency waited out front for this most dignified of visitors. His Rolls Royce pulled up to the front of their agency and the chairman stepped out. He looked up and down their small private street and noticed a street sweeper at one end. The billionaire executive instantly faced the street sweeper and bowed in respect towards him. This surprised the ad exec. He later learned that the chairman had bowed because the street was impeccably clean and for that, the street sweeper deserved his respect.

Toronto Plumbing certainly isn’t for everyone, but we love it and do it with pride and just as the executive in the story demonstrated , any job done well deserves to be respected. We are proud winners (and the only one in Toronto) of the Consumer’s Choice Award for Drain Service Excellence.

If you require an Award Winning Plumber Toronto, please feel free to contact us! We’re confident we can assist you with all your residential plumbing needs.

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