Plumber Authenticity – I’m a stickler for details. Always have been. I measure my words carefully and I never make promises I don’t intend to keep. Of course, that means just like you I am often frustrated by misleading service or false promises. It is completely beyond me why business constantly says one thing yet demonstrates something else. It lacks so much credibility and you see it everywhere: the car sales guy who has to go and speak with his manager in the centre office, then comes back with yet another add-on or change to the deal; the cable company who gives you a 6 hour window of time for their arrival, essentially costing you a day of salary or holiday; the food delivery brand who in their infinite wisdom have somehow determined that you are best served by calling in your pizza order to a call centre half way around the planet; a plumbing or drains company that pays their freelance staff entirely by sales commission, solely based on the amount of service they can convince a customer they need. Like I said, many businesses promise a lot yet usually deliver a lot less, and consumers pay the price.

I have a tip for all these business geniuses: consumers aren’t stupid, and they aren’t fooled and if you ever hope to gain any of our trust back, you better give your head a real shake and find the courage to do the right thing, not just the easy or seemingly profitable thing. It takes a bit of courage and plenty of hard work, but the pay off is huge. I’m proud to say that our number one job daily is to blow customers minds with our professionalism, service approach and our authenticity in being a brand that people can actually trust and count on. Sure, every business says that, right? Well, we’ve been voted by consumers as having the best drain service company in the greater Toronto area for 8 years in a row. Our approach, and consumer response are a big part of why our phones keep ringing. Authenticity and putting the customer first: there is no substitute.

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