Are You Doing What You Love? – If you know me or read my posts, you can tell that I’m hung up on accountability. It’s an obsession really, and depending who you speak to, one I may carry too far at times. It’s one of the reasons I encourage every single customer we have to check out more than 200 unfiltered reviews of our service on the site, and to feel free to add their thoughts. After all, what customers think about you is entirely more interesting and validating than what you say or write about yourself.

We ask our clients to share their thoughts on dealing with us for a couple of reasons: We want to improve our services and the best way to do this is to listen to customers, and people are going to talk about you anyways, so why not invite the commentary. When we started inviting customers to share their thoughts on our brand and to do so in the public forum (in this case, at, which we have zero affiliation with) we knew that the process could be humbling, as customers have full control over what they write and say. Fortunately, we’ve built what we believe is the very best crew of plumbers Toronto has to offer, coupled with the best service model in the entire trades environment, and as you pour through our reviews, you’ll see that we’re very fortunate to have received so many positive reviews from our customers.

I’ll let you in on the secret of how we manage to get so many positive reviews: we do exactly what we promise to do, we do it exactly when we promised to do it and we do it exactly for the price we quoted (in writing). Great service isn’t complicated: it just takes integrity and an insane amount of hard work. It requires unshakable discipline, and a true passion for what you do. The rest takes care of itself.

Exceptional plumbing and drain work certainly isn’t most people’s passion, but here at DrainWorks, it’s our lifeblood. Contact us the next time you need plumbers in Toronto.

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