I Sleep Well At Night – Here, yet again, is another post form the Plumber who seems to spend way too much of his time fighting snakes instead of using them.

My play on words are a bit tongue in cheek of course, but the reality isn’t a joke. Our business, like most businesses suffers greatly at times as a result of folks who probably shouldn’t be doing what we do for a living.

Consumer confidence in service providers (of any sort) has never been lower. That’s because there are too many half-wits, charlatans and unskilled boobs hanging their shingle. Lest you think I’m being too harsh, ask yourself: when was the last time you were blown away by great service? Rare, isn’t it?

The public (of which I am certainly a member) pays good money for services and products. In far too many cases and in far too many industries, we the public have to suffer poor or even unscrupulous service. That crushes consumer confidence and punishes legitimate businesses.

I go out of my way to debunk negative industry perceptions. I use scientific methods, like being on time, being clean, being courteous, using fulltime salaried rather than part-time commissioned plumbers and being transparent with estimates and billing.

Of course, there’s nothing scientific about it. It’s called operating with integrity, manners and accountability.

Beyond being the right way that any business should be run, our “clear-conscience” approach lets me sleep well at night.


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