Winterizing Your Homes Plumbing – Most of us reside in our homes throughout the year, but some folks are fortunate enough to head south to escape the cold. In the old days, people used to turn down the thermostat, let a tap trickle and that was it. They were gone. Of course, today we know that’s not enough. The insure against potentially expensive damage resulting from frozen pipes and to avoid higher energy costs, there are some simple, smart steps you can take, that could save you a visit from the plumber, Toronto.

– Turn off the main water valve.

– Open all faucets, both indoors and outside.

– When all water is drained from the taps, open the plug at the main shutoff valve and let it drain.

– Turn off the power or gas to the water heater and open its drain valve. If you are concerned with deep freezing where you reside, here are some additional tips: – Empty your toilet bowls and tanks. – Remove the clean out plugs on all sink traps

– Once emptied, replace the plugs and fill with plumbing antifreeze mixed with water in the same manner and mix you would apply to your car. – If you have a basement floor drain fill it with full-strength antifreeze. For more tips, join us on Facebook and submit your Toronto plumbing or drain question.

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