A Note To Brian At Homestars – Brian from Homestars was recently kind enough to point out the fact that Drainworks has an active blog. Thanks for the mention! Actually, we have had an active blog for well over a year now. Not to give away trade secrets or anything, but we feel the blog is an essential tool for us, in that it gives folks an opportunity to get to know us in terms that aren’t technical or even necessarily plumbing focused. Solving plumbing and drains problems is what we love to do but it’s not who we are. Our opinions, commentary, thoughts and various postings really help folks understand something more important than our craft: our character. Any time you entrust someone to come into your home to help solve a problem, you want to know something about the person you’re letting in to your house. Our blog should give you a good sense of the kind of people are. What we stand for – and what we won’t. Not surprisingly, Homestars didn’t like my comment on disappearing reviews, but the fact is, some reviews have disappeared and trust and transparency are important to all consumers and this issue concerns us. Brian’s right: we do respect, care for and try to protect customers. It’s just good ethics, smart business, and it’s how we conduct ourselves. Here’s a suggestion: Brian, along with the other ways that Homestars has stated they are working to prevent misleading representation, I want to suggest an additional, very simple, yet powerful solution that would stop consumers and folks like me (a consumer too) from worrying about this stuff: Barring something completely and obviously malicious, salacious and untrue being posted, all posts should remain on the site. By doing this, we can all see the entire path of communication, including the resolutions that often can end up solving the problems. I don’t think the problem is the odd bad review, I think the problems occurs when trust is violated. By keeping the full path of review, rebuttal, and all back and forth communication in tact and in view, two things are sure to happen: no one will ever wonder how or why a review changed, and we’ll all do a better job running our businesses and taking care of our customers. Just keeping it real, folks. Terry

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