Toronto Plumber Reviews – If you know us, read our blog, or occasionally visit our site, you’ll know I’m a stickler for accountability. I hate liars and I hate being lied to. Don’t we all? One of the ways we get the word out on what kind of company we are is to encourage every customer we service to submit a review of our services on independent sites like, which is a forum for consumers to express their opinions on trades service providers.

We encourage every customer to write a review, because we go out of our way to provide the very best service available in everything we do, and we’re confident that comes through in the service we provide.

I can’t guarantee that every review on sites like this are straight up. I’ve seen a few really unpleasant competitor reviews mysteriously go “poof”, and disappear. I can say this though: we have more than 400 unvarnished reviews of our company on this site, which easily eclipses all other companies in every category. The reason for this is that we don’t fear being reviewed and encourage folks to share their opinion. That’s the whole point of a site like this: to give homeowners more information so they can make better decisions for themselves. If you take a few minutes to review some of them, I’m pretty sure you’ll get a good sense as to what kind of people we are and what we stand for.

No doubt about it: I believe we are the most accountable company you will ever deal with.


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