Best Plumber In Toronto – Hi folks. homestarswinner08Just a quick note with a tiny bit of bragging this time. I was recently informed that DrainWorks Plumbing and Drains was chosen as the winner of “Best Trades Company of 2008”, as awarded by For those of you who don’t yet know Homestars, it’s a website where consumers get to post and also review posts of every trades-based company in business in the GTA and in other cities across North America. The posts on their site are written by actual customers and are based on their experiences with the companies they hired. It’s a decent place for consumers to research any trade supplier before you hire them. We have fortunately received more than 450 reviews for our Toronto plumbing services, and based on the volume of postings and reviews on our service delivery, Homestars has awarded us their “Best of 2008” award. We’re always pleased and proud to receive industry awards for our work. On the one hand, we work really hard and it’s nice to be noticed as your plumbers in Toronto. More importantly, the awards, both this one from Homestars and our nine consecutive awards from Consumer’s Choice, are really a reflection of the way we treat our customers, and that’s the most important thing to us. Anyone can get a few reviews for their company, but at our review level, it’s pretty simple, you really do have to out work the competition and fully commit to rewarding the customer for their faith in choosing you, every single time you arrive at someone’s home. Integrity isn’t a sometimes thing, it’s an every time thing, and that’s never going to change around our shop. Thanks Homestars, but more importantly, thanks to the great customers we get to work with in the GTA every day. We couldn’t do it without you. Terry.

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