OK, I’m going to wade into deep water for a minute. I realize that most of us receive way too much advice in our life as it is. I’m pretty sure that prospect of gaining valuable insight from plumbers in Toronto probably doesn’t ring your bell loudly either. That’s OK, but if you will let me, I want to share a couple of thoughts that I live by and run our company by and are guaranteed to help anyone do more. It’s clear that the economy is in on the limp. On some levels, there’s no escaping it. Consumers save more than they spend in times like these, and as a result, money doesn’t flow as freely as it did. This affects almost any business going. As a guy who owns a company and is responsible for keeping staff paid and fed, I look at things a bit differently.

Whether times are great or poor, being self employed means that you eat when the phone rings, so to speak. There’s no economy so bright that people scream out “hey, I think I’m going to redo all of my plumbing!” Nope, just doesn’t happen. Furthermore, of course, during tough times, no one likes to spend money if they can avoid it. What’s my point? Whether you are self-employed, work for someone else or are even unemployed, your long-term success has way more to do with what you choose to do with each day than it does the economy. I know it sounds a bit corny, but even tough times may suck, tough minded, accountable, disciplined people are practically recession-proof.

On behalf of our Toronto plumbing company, continued success in all you do.


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