Why cutting corners is way too expensive:

Some things are recession-proof (or at least they should be). Longtime readers of my blog will know a few defining facts about me and the way I operate:

I never make a promise I won’t keep;

I never lie to anyone;

I leave a very small footprint (in other words, I put things back as they were);

I’m a neat freak;


I’m obsessive about being on time.

Sure we may be plumbing and drains specialists, and not surgeons, but you will never ever see a cleaner operation than DrainWorks. You won’t find a dirty truck or piece of equipment, no unkempt uniforms or service technicians, and you could literally eat off of our shop floor. So why be so consumed with these details? It’s simple: as much as it pains me, my industry (like a lot of other ones) is filled with all kinds of characters – some dirtier than your drains. And like any legitimate business, I often have to bear the cross of the reputations of some of the dubious types in our industry. Folks who taint honest businesses with crummy reputations earned by being less than honest, insincere, or worse – crooked.

That’s why as the plumbers Toronto truly trusts, we conduct ourselves with a very disciplined regimen of accountability. Sure we have plenty of laughs when the job is done, but on the job, we never take a day off or cut a corner. We choose to operate one way and one way only. On time, spotlessly, and commission-free. On time, because your time – and ours – is too valuable to waste; spotlessly, because cleanliness shows respect for customers and demonstrates a great deal of self respect; and commission-free, because any solution recommended to a customer should be based on solving a problem properly, not padding a big fat commission check for inflated or unnecessary services.

You turn to professionals when you have a problem, and for the most part, unless you’re an expert in that space, you’re at their mercy. That makes you vulnerable, especially when companies pay their guys by commission, which is directly tied to the size of your bill. That’s wrong, which is why we won’t operate that way. So how do you remain recession-proof? Be on time, be spotless, outwork the next guy and be honest. Not exactly science, is it? Have a great day. Terry.

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