Low Water Pressure – As plumbing and drain cleaning guys, we meet a lot of people and answer a lot of water and plumbing related questions. Here are some answers and tips you might find valuable:

My water pressure is really low. What are the causes of low water pressure? A lack of water pressure or low pressure is one of the most common complaints people have with their residential systems that a plumber Toronto might look at.

There can be many factors contributing to the problem. For instance, your home’s elevation in relation to the water source can be a cause low pressure, because water loses its gravitational force as it passes over peaks and valleys en route to your home. Low water flow from a faucet or showerhead is often interpreted as low water pressure.

Low water flow from a faucet or showerhead can be the result of a water-conserving flow restrictor that can be found in some taps and showerheads. Low water flow can also be caused by a constriction somewhere in the water line. Water line constriction can have several causes. In older homes, mineral deposits build up inside pipes. This is especially true with old galvanized iron pipes. On houses supplied by a municipal water system, be sure to check the shutoff valves on both sides of the house’s water meter to make certain that they are fully open.

If either valve is partially closed, it will reduce pressure. There can be several reasons for low water pressure, and if you really aren’t sure, you should call a plumbing and drains professional, for this is one area where their knowledge can be invaluable to you. For more tips, join us on Facebook and submit your plumbing or drain question.

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