Ways to conserve water – As your Toronto plumbing and drain guys, we meet a lot of people and answer a lot of water and plumbing related questions. Here are some answers and tips you might find valuable

Hey Terry, can you recommend ways to conserve water?

Conserving water is really about being aware of how you currently use water. For example, instead of letting the water run, if you use a Dixie cup when brushing your teeth, and if you fill the sink while shaving, you can easily save 20 liters of water each day. That’s over 7,000 liters of water each year! Stop using the toilet as a wastebasket and flushing needlessly. When you throw Kleenex into the trash instead of the toilet, you’ll save 4 and a half to 13 liters per flush. If you can limit showers to five minutes, you’ll get just as clean, but you’ll save 15 to 20 liters of water per shower. Finally, check and repair leaky fixtures and toilets that flush randomly or run on. Fixing these can save you hundreds of dollars each year! Saving hundreds of dollars each year is very easily done when you stay aware and practice the best ways not to waste water, every day. For more tips, join us on Facebook and submit your plumbing or drain question.

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