Ontario Home Reno Tax Credit – The Home Renovation Tax Credit lets Canadian homeowners deduct 15% of their home renovations bill, up to $1350 in the form of a tax credit for their Canadian income tax returns until February 10, 2010. You really should be taking advantage of this. Not to sound like too much of a cynic, but when’s the last time anyone gave you money back for anything you did? Plus, we’ve all paid more than our fair share of taxes, so getting a break like this is a rare opportunity, one that’s not to be missed. Now here’s where I tell you why I think hiring a plumbing and drain specialist make sense to include in your next reno project. The three most popular home reno projects are kitchens, bathrooms and basements. There’s a reason for this: making improvements to any of these areas greatly improves the livability of your space and the resale value of your home. Just ask any real estate agent.

Ontario Home Reno Tax Credit

Rely on the advice of a trusted Toronto plumber the next time that you are doing work on your home. While plumbing and drains may not be your first thought, our work is certainly a key component in each of these three popular renovations. For example, consider a basement reno: it would be a complete shame to do a bunch of work, only to later experience the anxiety, damage and inconvenience caused by a sewage back up. And folks, if you live in the GTA, drain and plumbing work becomes essential. Here’s why: The simple truth is that our city has so many trees that have infiltrated our sewer and drain systems, that I may never be able to retire when the time does come. Tree roots and aging infrastructure represent a menace to many Toronto homeowners, but in truth, are not that complicated or expensive for a pro to fix. You may even qualify for a rebate from the City of Toronto just for hiring us to fix the problem. There are many things that a renovator and homeowner can be hands on about throughout the renovation process, but ensuring drain health probably isn’t one. It’s a costly nightmare for a generalist or worse, a homeowner to attempt. Ultimately, the value of the tax credit is that it will reduce the cost of your renovation project and save you some money – provided you use it. Whatever your renovation project might be, just remember that it will certainly involve a variety of skills and services, so no matter how you hire them, just be sure you do so in a way that protects your home and lets you take advantage of this rare break.

Ontario Home Reno Tax Credit


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