A “Win-Win” For The Environment And Your Pocketbook – The term “win-win” gets bandied about by so many people in so may different ways; can you think of very many instances where the term is truly applicable? As the plumbers Toronto relies on, we wanted to share one way in which, you the consumer truly do win on both accounts.

A “Win-Win” For The Environment And Your Pocketbook

The City of Toronto has what’s called a Residential toilet replacement program, whereby they encourage residents of the Toronto to replace their old, water guzzling toilets with a much more efficient eco toilet that uses considerably less water per flush than a normal toilet. Here is something to consider: toilet usage accounts for somewhere in the neighborhood of 30% of water used indoors and by installing one of the “eco” toilets on the city approved list, you are able to save approximately 40%-70% of drinking water that is being flushed down the drain. Toilets can last around 20 years, and if you’ve made the switch from 20 or 13 litre per flush toilets to 6 litres per flush, you can see over the years and the flushes, just how much is being saved The reasons to make the switch are two-fold from a savings standpoint alone: the city will provide you with either a $60 or $75 rebate after you’ve installed one of the city approved toilets (which all DrainWorks plumbers carry multiple models of on their trucks at any given time). After that, you’ve ensured that from a toilet standpoint, your water bill has been reduced permanently! To qualify for the rebate itself, it’s really, rather simple. You can get the application form from the city’s website online or you can call them and have it sent to you by standard mail. In addition to the fiscally savvy reasons to partake in this program, which would be reason enough to consider making the change, there is another larger reason to do so. The toilet you are installing in place of the old one, as previously mentioned, is a “green” or eco-friendly toilet, which means much less waste, and much less water used. In this day and age, every little bit we can do to help the environment counts a great deal. If someone told you, you could save money and help save the environment, wouldn’t you want to do so? We’re your plumbers in Toronto, and that’s what I call a “Win-Win” no matter how you measure it. For more tips, join us on Facebook and submit your plumbing or drain question.

A “Win-Win” For The Environment And Your Pocketbook

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