Experience The DrainWorks Difference – By now, you’ve probably heard our jingle on radio stations around the G.T.A, proclaiming “we will clear it, or you don’t pay!™” or seen the advertisement on our website or elsewhere and you may be wondering, just what that means. Allow me to clarify.:

If your main sewer/sanitary line is backed up, meaning a floor drain, etc, we will send in one of our highly trained, certified, full time salaried (meaning non-commission based) drain technicians with top of the line drain rootering equipment to clear your main line and return your sewer system to functionality, and if we do not do that, you don’t pay!

Now that is truly a risk free proposal; you get the 10-time consecutive Consumer’s Choice award winning drain company to your home, and we won’t take a penny if your sewer backup isn’t cleared. Amongst a myriad of reasons, this is just one more, for you, to choose DrainWorks Toronto plumbing company, your plumbing and drains needs and see the BIG DrainWorks difference.

Experience The DrainWorks Difference

Terry Cord Owner and Founder DrainWorks Plumbing

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