What Matters To You? Plumbers Toronto – In this day and age, here in Canada, we need fresh, hardworking leaders to help guide us out of this economic crisis that is being felt, the world over. Don’t misunderstand; leadership needs to come from Parliament as well as from average citizens across the country. The Exodus of Canadian jobs is something that needs to be halted promptly. To give an example, when I walk into my local big box store, I tend to find that a large majority of the goods are manufactured overseas. A lot of quality made, recognizable North American brands are being forced out by the short sighted higher ups to produce their products overseas to save mere pennies. To them, it’s all about the money, and there is no emphasis on what is really important long term; quality of the product, human rights, environmental impact and of course, the out sourcing of these jobs from our communities! DrainWorks has been in business for 15+ years now, and we’ve always firmly believed in putting the money back into the company, and back into our community, instead of in our pockets. We will not and cannot, with a clear conscience cut corners with the top of the line equipment we use or the well maintained and well stocked vehicles we use that get us to your home when a plumbing or drain problem strikes when you least expect it. We believe in using full time, salaried technicians (most of whom have been a part of the DrainWorks family for 7+ years), to ensure that honesty and integrity aren’t optional, but to be expected, every time that they advise our customers on the solutions to their problems. Furthermore, we standby our lifetime guarantee for underground drainage repair, when most in the industry simply apply a 10 or 20 year warranty. Think about it – peace of mind – for life. What could be better than that? You can breathe a sigh of relief and never worry about it again. Simply put, the money stays in our “family”; that means you, all of our customers in the G.T.A and beyond.

What Matters To You? Plumbers Toronto

This dedication to our community is evident in the ways we give back to great organizations we believe in. We’ve been proud supporters of the Sick Kids Foundation as well as Easter Seals for a number of years now. easter-seals-09 We will continue to give thousands of dollars to these great organizations every year because of the fine work they do. In closing, when you think about it, life is simple; be good to your fellow man, be kind to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants and support your neighbors and neighborhood by never looking only at profit margin as a benchmark for progress and success. One last thing, make the time to balance quality family time with work time as our children are the leaders of tomorrow. Let’s help them by setting an example today. Regards, Terry Cord President, Founder, and your neighbor DrainWorks Plumbing For more tips, join us on Facebook and submit your plumbing or drain question.

What Matters To You? Plumbers Toronto

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