Rain Causes Sewer To Backup – If you’ve spent your Spring and Summer here in the G.T.A, you know we’ve had some absolutely torrential downpours at times over these past months. In fact, a lot of our customers have been experiencing a significant amount of sewer backups in part due to this precipitation. The worst thing about this is that, even though the rain may subside, the water, or worse, sewage, can cause major damage to your home, specifically the basement in most cases. We see it all the time as part of our Toronto plumbing services. Doing cleanup and restoration after a backup/flood can certainly add up and hurt your wallet.

For a lot of people, the damage has been done, and it was a hard lesson learned. But, with that being said, now is the time to be proactive instead of reactive! Here at DrainWorks we’re highly encouraging our customers to have their drain lines inspected using our camera inspection methods to ensure that any potential causes for concern are addressed before the issue rears it’s ugly head, and any underlying issues are dealt with in a swift and stress-free manner. Our camera equipment acts like “eyes in the drain line” so to speak, showing you exactly the scope and detail of any possible issues. It will tell us if there are portions of your drain line that have been compromised by tree roots, which will make the problem even worse, if unchecked. If you would like to be proactive instead of reactive and save yourself the stress of a damaged basement, give us a call today. We’d be happy to send over one of our salaried (never commission based) Toronto plumbing technicians to provide you with a camera inspection of your main line so you don’t have to worry the next time we get hit with a major downpour.. Regards, Terry Cord, Owner and founder, DrainWorks Plumbing For more tips, join us on Facebook and submit your plumbing or drain question.

Rain Causes Sewer To Backup

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