Drain backups during the holidays – Hello to all; I hope everyone is keeping well. The summer, as usual, has absolutely whizzed by us, leaving memories of cottages, camping, vacations, lounging poolside and everything else that it encompasses in the proverbial rear view mirror. In fact, September, which marks back to school and a more consistent schedule for most of us, has also come and gone in what seemed like the blink of an eye. What that means is that October is upon us, the beauty of Fall is at it’s height, and the beginning of a lot of our family related holidays and events; whether it’s Thanksgiving, having friends over for Halloween or even, before you know it, Christmas. With these holidays and events on our doorstep, I wanted to take the time to give our customers a heads up on a few helpful hints that can save them the grief of an unwanted and easily avoidable drain backup.

Firstly, and this certainly doesn’t apply to everyone, but if you happen to have an exterior drains at your home (usually at the bottom of a set of stairs at the back of the house), or sometimes in front of a garage), you’ll want to pay close attention to the falling leaves, maple keys, and various other foliage that drops as the mercury does. These things can cause drains to backup rather quickly and if they’re monitored more closely(say a few times a week for a minute or so out of your day), you can go a long way towards avoiding them for causing a headache.

Drain backups during the holidays

Terry Cord,
Founder, President,
DrainWorks Plumbing

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