Plumber Reviews Toronto 1000th Review – The date of September 27, 2006 may seem to be rather insignificant for most, but for us here at DrainWorks Plumbing, it’s a date that bears a bit of historical perspective; that was the date we received our first review on For a quick rundown for those not familiar with HomeStars , it is a consumer based review website that enables customers to post their feelings on a wide variety of contractors (painters, movers, etc), be it good or bad, for the benefit of the general public and other consumers to get a seemingly unfiltered response to a company’s quality of service (or lack thereof). Upon familiarizing ourselves with their website, we were thrilled that people would have an opportunity to look beyond their preconceived notion of a slick ad to hear what their peers, people like you and I have to say about the companies we use for the needs of our home.

We felt it absolutely catered to our strengths as a company; passion in what we do, dedication, providing customers with a level of service far beyond what they’ve come to expect on a consistent basis, honesty, integrity, trust, fair prices backed up with the best guarantees in the business. In fact, we felt that the way we do things time and time again would certainly enable our true colours to come shining through as they say. Of course, it came down to the old adage: “Don’t take our word for it..” Now here we are, 1000 reviews later, with an outstanding average of 9.7/10 amongst those 1000 reviews.

Now we can modify that familiar phrase, to “Don’t take our word for it, (take the 1000+ glowing reviews from our customers we’ve gotten).” It’s some good supporting evidence that we truly are the Toronto plumbers that you can rely on. Now onto 2000 more!

Plumber Reviews Toronto 1000th Review

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