How to build a REAL and CREDIBLE Consumer Review site

1. Verification Process
Customer submits invoice to Review Company/site. Review Company provides a link to this invoice linked to the actual review. This ensures that the work purported was actually completed; there is no denying what service was done; by either party. Obviously, the sensitive information (name, address) would be removed once it’s been verified by the company or site and is ready to be posted

2. No Removal of Verified Reviews

Once a review has been posted and hence, verified to be true, the company being reviewed should not have the ability to have it nor the score removed, as is so often the case when companies refund the client’s money in order to get it and the score removed. This obviously does not help future customers who are considering using that company when their true track record has vanished. However, a second review or additional point can be added afterwards (keeping the original review AND score up, mind you), in order to illustrate how both parties involved dealt with the issue at hand. Keep in mind that when a negative review vanishes it changes the company’s overall score thus making the score higher than it should be.

How to build a REAL and CREDIBLE Consumer Review site

3. Forums

Forums are for sharing of information like tips and tricks for homeowners and interested parties. However, using forums to bash and slam people especially while hiding anonymously behind a keyboard only becomes the opposite of a legitimate review site I am advocating.

4. This is not rocket science

Having a process in place that verifies legitimacy of reviews should be fairly simple and the NUMBER 1 focus of these sites, however I’ve come to realize that as a result of these review sites’ actions, that they are only concerned in creating traffic to their websites for obvious reasons. Sadly, review sites claim and would have you believe that all of the content on their site is true, real, verified and legitimate. However, I have in my records years of countless examples of negative reviews that have vanished , which these sites never acknowledge. The sad part is that review sites could have both credibility and success but so far, no site is willing to do the real work necessary and the commitment that goes along with it.

Credibility is everything!

How to build a REAL and CREDIBLE Consumer Review site
Terry Cord,
Founder and President,
DrainWorks Plumbing

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