Remove Sewer Clay Tiles with PVC Pipes

Christina Chakraboty: “Total Satisfaction”
re: Remove Sewer Clay Tiles with PVC Pipes

On Dec.30, 2010, I experienced a sewer-back-up in my basement. I called another company, whose telephone number I found in my home files. They came and ‘camera-inspected’ the sewer pipe leading from my basement to the public main drain. The written repair quote for replacing the sewer pipe was well over $8000, (‘camera-inspection’ incl.)

The next day I consulted the Yellow Pages and among others, I found DrainWorks. I called them and explained my problem; and that I had a detailed quote in writing. William asked me to send the quote by fax so he could see what needed to be done. I did that. Shortly thereafter a technician called me back and said, they could do the work for a lot less money, but they would have to do their own ‘camera inspection’ to establish as to what needed to be done. Armando came by, fed the camera through the pipe; then explained me in detail and patiently the two options I had. I decided for a complete replacement (of the broken clay-tile sewer pipe) with PVC pipes. DrainWorks charged me at least 15% less for the same job, with the same materials/process, with the same life-time-warranty! DrainWorks completed the job within two days and to my entire satisfaction; and at a much lesser cost. I would recommend DrainWorks anytime to anyone! Thank you for a job well done!

Remove Sewer Clay Tiles with PVC Pipes

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