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To ensure peace of mind that you’re getting a local Toronto plumber who is qualified to service your needs.

Plumbing Company in Toronto – That statement may seem straightforward, but in this internet age we live in, the world wide web is absolutely rife with fly-by-nighters, “handymen”, and “Mr-fix-it’s” who, when they get in over their head or are unaccountable for their work, leave you, the homeowner left in the lurch. To avoid that, here are 4 easy questions you can ask a Toronto drain cleaning company or plumber to weed out some of these types:

1. Is the plumbing company licensed and insured? This is absolutely essential. Licensing is the bare minimum that is needed to operate a plumbing company; furthermore, insurance protects everyone in the case of an accident. Any insurance claims won’t be given a second look if the house burned down because it was someone you knowingly had that was unlicensed/uninsured doing the work to save a few dollars. The risk vs. reward of a few dollars against your home is far too great. Any company who has licensing and insurance will have it prominently displayed in their advertising (we display ours on the front page of our website), otherwise, it’s time to ask some questions.

2. Does the plumbing company have an actual brick and mortar, physical address in Toronto? or does their website simply have a phone number or are they operating out of their basement? Almost all stable, long term businesses operate out of an office. If absent, all of these things beg questions as to their accountability and reliability.

3. Has the plumbing company been in business operating under the same name for the length of their tenure? There are far too many companies in Toronto that partake in this practice; changing their name to something similar to reputable companies to confuse the consumer, piggybacking on the reputations of those companies in a given industry. The reality is, companies come and go constantly. With them coming and going are the warranties and accountability for the work they’ve done. Far too often, do the same fly-by-nighters open up another a different name a few years later, nowhere to be found after a major job was done at your home. Sadly, it becomes a high stakes game of “whack-a-mole” with you, the homeowner on the losing end. By having a company with a longer tenure you can ensure they won’t be closing up shop after that large job they did for you. Plumbing Company in Toronto

4. Will the plumbing company give you the exact price, to the penny™ price for the work, before they’ve started? We certainly believe in this practice; right away once assessed, we inform you, the homeowner exactly what you’re going to pay for a job. No hidden fees, no surprises. This way you can get peace of mind before we begin; instead of hoping that the price won’t be astronomical and made up on the spot by a commission based plumber who gets paid more based on what he sells you on. If you want a company that you can trust to keep you updated through every step of the way, we’re your plumber, Toronto.

Plumbing Company in Toronto

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