Michael: “Done in a day and problem solved”
re: Copper main water service

Although my domestic plumbing is all copper it connects in my basement to an ancient lead service that I’d hoped to replace when the city got around to removing lead pipes from old neighborhoods. (I’m still waiting on that.) Meanwhile a leak developed somewhere on along the lead line. I checked Homestars and chose Drain Works because of all the recommendations. They had someone drop by within hours of my phoning. He explained what would be involved and gave me an estimate, explaining that this would most likely be the final price (+HST of course) unless something really unexpected turned up. A work crew of three arrived promptly the next morning. They had to remove part of my front porch steps in order to dig – on a miserable cold day – but completed the work by evening. During this time they also put a camera into my main drain to check its condition (all ok). Also a supervisor dropped by to check on everything. The final cost was as stated. Everything was explained clearly at every stage and the work done very professionally, including cleanup (they were very good about covering their boots when coming indoors) and putting my steps back. My water pressure, incidentally, has notably improved.

Copper main water service

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