Composting prevents needless kitchen sink back ups

Hello once again, hope this week’s (com)post (blog) post finds you all well. As your trusted plumbers in Toronto, this week we wanted to offer up some helpful tips for everyone to ensure we’re a little greener, and also to help avoid a few needless kitchen sink drain back ups in the process. From an environmental standpoint, composting saves global warming gases roughly equivalent to all the CO2 one’s washing machine produces in 10-12 weeks! On top of that, it’s so nutrient rich that it has everything your plants/garden need in most cases.

You can either purchase the bin from a number of places, or for a quick, inexpensive fix, use a large milk carton with the top opened right up. They fit great under most kitchen sinks and as the containers are waxed, they resist microbial attacks. All organic matter will eventually disintegrate, which means if together, we cut down on landfill issues amongst a myriad of problems by not composting. Here are some of the things that are able to be composted:

  • old bread/bread crusts
  • fruit/vegetable peelings
  • paper napkins/paper towels
  • egg shells
  • brown paper bags
  • tea bags
  • peanut shells
  • grains
  • coffee grinds

Composting prevents needless kitchen sink back ups

Doing this will go a long way towards ensuring you’ve minimized backups with your kitchen sink (whether you have a garburator or not). Should you find yourself putting some of these things down the drain though, we’re there for your plumbing, Toronto. We’re just an email or phone call away. DrainWorks, the smartest choice online, or anywhere!

Composting prevents needless kitchen sink back ups

Yours in composting,

Terry Cord,

Founder and President, DrainWorks Plumbing

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