Waterproofing East York –  This area of the city is one of our old strongholds, and it’s where our head office is actually located. DrainWorks is the East York plumber that comes through time and time again, as in this review pulled from HomeStars.

 re: waterproofing, plumbing It’s been almost a year since I had some work done on my house by Drainworks. At first I was hesitant to write any review as I wasn’t 100% sure if the work that was done will actually hold up to the expectations. In the past I been going to major problems with contractors and their poor quality of service and I always had to re call back and get them back and fix. Which ends up being nothing more then a headache and stress. But since a year now and with major heavy rains and storms the work that Drainworks have done has hold up to the crazy canadian weather and my old house. I am very pleased with the work. First time ever I didn’t have to call back and complain. Which is nice for a change. The work that they done first was an emergency leak in the main sewage pipe which had a hole and it was flooding my basement. Didn’t expect anyone to come same day to have a look but they did within hours and started the work shortly. After that prompt service I decided again to go with Drainworks to do waterproofing outside the house. I been battling with leaks and floods in my basement for 2 years and I been through many contractors who just can’t fix or never finish a project they just walk out and I never hear back from them. Drainworks exceed my expectations. Knowledgeable, understandable, dependable, and most of all they actually do answer the phone when you call so i never have to chase them. Always on time, always work with my busy schedule.

Waterproofing East York

What I am pleased with is no matter how hard the job was, they don’t give up they manage to work out a solution and finish the project rather then just tell me “it is impossible to fix” (I was expecting to hear that since that’s what I been experiencing in the past with others). Once it is agreed that they will do the project from start to finish I excpect it to be done. And That’s what Drainworks done. From start to finish without a worry. I do understand older homes are always a challenge, but they never made me feel as if I am making their lives miserable. Always with a smile, “We will have it done, No worries” Great Job very pleased. No leaks at all, no problems, I don’t even think about it anymore when it rains outside. BONUS! Visit HomeStars.com for more reviews.

from Agata, East York

Whether you’re at Pape and Danforth, up towards Thorncliffe, or have a plumbing issue in Leaside, we’re your trusted plumber in this part of the city. And wherever you are in the GTA, you can always trust us with your plumbing, Toronto. Give us a call and we’ll be there for you: 416 486 0000.

Waterproofing East York

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