Woodbridge Plumber Review

From Haleema in Woodbridge:

We moved into our home, the home was about 6 years old. All four toilets needed to be flushed 2 times (at least) in order to remove waste. This was an unfortunate surprise, thanks to cheap, garbage builder toilets! When you have guests, it is a terrible embarrassment. In addition, the garage tap was leaking and the ensuite washroom sink had a pipe leaking water below the sink. I perused homestars and DrainWorks had great reviews [for their Toronto plumbing services.] Called immediately. A plumber was available to come the same day, as luck would have it. Phil, the plumber was truly exceptional. He promptly assessed the areas that needed to be fixed. I really wanted something to be done about the toilets. Essentially without a better toilet, the waste removal problem would persist. In the end, I decided to replace all 4 toilets in the home at the same time.

Phil recommended a better model, the american standard cadet 3 and I trusted his expert advice. It would be costly, however I believe drainworks has a fair system in pricing. .The toilets would be ordered . It might take a week or more I was told. In the meantime, Phil replaced the garage tap, replaced the pipe below ensuite sink and happened to find a leak in the kitchen faucet incidentally, so we picked out a new faucet (from the handy selection in the truck). He replaced the kitchen faucet the same day too. It only took about 3 days for the new toilets to arrive. Very fast service Phil came back and installed all 4 toilets. Phil said it would take some time. Maybe 5 hours. Phil came at 8:00 on the day of the installation and started removing the old cheap builder toilets. The gentlemen delivering the new toilets were delayed about an hour, which sometimes can happen due to unforseen circumstance.I was getting antsy, however Phil was reassuring and when they did come, he finished the job in less than 4 hours. He was still ahead of schedule even with the small delay.

Woodbridge Plumber Review

After he left, I noticed that the toilets had less water level in the toilet bowl. I was very concerned as I didn’t think to ask him at the time about this and was surprised. I called DrainWorks and had them ask Phil to call me. He called me and explained about this newer model having a lower water level in the bowl (conserving water). I was pretty concerned and let my concerns be known to him. He was respectful and patient with me on the phone. The water level could not be changed. I informed him that I was surprised not to know that the water level would be so low compared to my other “cheap toilets” prior to purchase, however we went over so many things, and to be fair, you cannot go over every single concern prior to purchase. I still trusted his expertise, however in the back of my mind, I was thinking , the low level of water would not remove the waste effectively. In the end, we ended the conversation, with the hope that our family could adjust with time. I was still a little uneasy HOWEVER I AM PLEASED TO SAY THAT THESE TOILETS FLUSH GREAT!

Phil truly knew what was best and did his best to help me choose a great model of toilet within my price range. I have to give Phil “PROPS”. He is knowledgeable in his field and I HOPE THAT PHIL WILL BE CONVEYED MY SINCEREST THANKS for the service he provided. I give DrainWorks and PHIL a 10/10. thank you

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Woodbridge Plumber Review

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