Drain Snaking With Camera – Re: Snake camera investigation on my sewer line to avoid any potential basement flooding – in case the City sewer ever backed up due to torrential rain.

Drainworks recommended that we investigate the state of my sewer line using a snake and a camera. Drain technician came over on the same day that I made the appointment. He was very thorough and spent almost 2 hours showing me the state of the line on camera and explaining everything to me: state of sewer line, options for backflow prevention. In the end, we decided that a backflow valve is not really necessary and not worth the expense. However, in the process, it was discovered that the sewer line is heavily clogged with tree roots and that, at a minimum, they need to be rooted out or the outside sewer line replaced. Technician was very professional, wore booties and cleaned up after himself. I would have no hesitation re-hiring this company for future work.” ~ Marc Barrette, East York

Drain Snaking With Camera

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