Basement Waterproofing Toronto – The saying might be “April showers bring May flowers”, but this year, and like so many others, that heavy precipitation can lead right into May and the beginning of June, before things start to finally dry up and we tend to see the Sun more consistently. In fact, as I am drafting this I’m looking out the window watching it rain on this otherwise pleasant Sunday.

Rain may be good for a lot of things, especially to help round our gardens of flowers and vegetables into form, but it’s certainly an enemy of older basements the city over. We here at DrainWorks may have “Drain” in our name, and I know plumbing in Toronto comes to mind with us as well, but don’t forget that we also are equally as adept at handling basement waterproofing issues.

Basement Waterproofing Toronto problems can cost thousands and thousands of dollars in damage, and it’s becoming much more common for insurance companies to forgo that sort of coverage. The good news, is that assessing and investigating waterproofing problems is something we do on a daily basis. I would recommend though, that everyone think long and hard before John Q Contractor comes over for that “free” quote for 5 minutes and throws a number at you to entice you to start this work.

We here at DrainWorks, send a waterproofing expert over to your home to thoroughly investigate the issue, and come up with a solution, while advising you if there may be further work to do at the same time, BEFORE we’ve dug up your basement.

We’ll spend the time providing a thorough written assessment and a detailed written quote, with a “to-the-penny” price before anything is done. Some may not be certain whether they have a waterproofing issue or something else, so allow me to give you a simple tip for diagnosing the issue. If it looks like you have water coming in at the base of an exterior basement wall, and all drains appear to be in good order, you most likely have a waterproofing issue. Leave it to the experts to assess whether your home requires an internal approach or exterior waterproofing.

The good news is that if it looks like this is the issue, but it appears to be something else (high water table, drain line issue), we can also assess and service those issues as well.

You already know us as your expert Toronto plumbing team, so now we invite you to take a look at our waterproofing portion of our site, so you can see what we do, and how we do it, in terms of keeping your home protected from waterproofing issues. In fact, once we’re done, you won’t need to sing that nursery rhyme “rain, rain go away, come again another day” because your basement will be perfectly dry whether that pesky rain goes away or does, in fact, come another day.

Yours in appreciating dry baseboards,

Terry Cord,

President and Founder, DrainWorks Plumbing

Basement Waterproofing Toronto

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