Water Service Upgrade – Spring has sprung! So has the need for some of us to use more water; whether it’s for a swimming pool, a sprinkler, or the water slide on the front yard for the kids, the warmer weather can bring about the need for more of that good, old H2O. In saying that, and as the nice weather can be fleeting, you want to make sure you’re getting a sufficient amount of water in the exterior and interior fixtures you use at your home.

In Toronto, almost everyone is on municipal water or “City water”. The water comes into your home from the city side, underground, and then into your home, typically at the inside front wall of the home and then from there it disperses to the fixtures accordingly. The problem comes in when you aren’t getting enough water throughout the home; this can be cause by a few things, but the most predominant issue is too much friction as the water travels from the City side and into your home. Namely, the friction is caused by having a smaller in diameter water line than needed.

A lot of people have ½” in diameter water lines, whereas ¾” is certainly more optimal, in most cases, in terms of entry into your home. Further to all of this though, and much more important than simply water pressure is your health. An outdated lead water line can have that lead seep into your potable water if it’s deteriorated, causing more serious health concerns. Call DrainWorks today for a water service upgrade quote!

Yours in running through the sprinklers with the kids in the summer,

Terry Cord, President and Founder, DrainWorks Plumbing

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