Sewer Main Replacement Toronto – Here’s a great piece of feedback we received from a customer in the Leslieville neighbourhood. This one touches on many of the points we usually raise about how we’re different than other companies in the city. You can always rely upon our Toronto plumbing services when you call DrainWorks. Sewer Main Replacement Toronto.

My wife and I recently moved into a beautifully renovated 100 year old semi in the heart of Leslieville. While the inspection report noted significant upgrades to the waste piping, within 3 weeks my sewer system backwashed (thankfully it was only laundry machine water). The original company I called rushed to the scene and cleared the immediate problem. Scoping the system they noted severe tree root penetration in the clay pipe. Maybe it was the number of times he referred to me as “buddy” or maybe it was the way he easily pulled $6,000 out of thin air to rectify the issue, but something told me to get a second opinion. The next day I logged onto Homestars and came across Drainworks Plumbing. Recognizing the trademark vans around town, I scrolled through the endless sea of positive reviews. I picked up the phone and made the call. The gentlemen that answered the phone was extremely pleasant and dispatched a member of their team that day. Mike showed up a few hours later and informed me that he’d have to re-scope the pipe as the other company conveniently neglected to write down any sort of diagnosis. While I didn’t really enjoy paying for the service again, I felt like I was in good hands from the start. Confirming the extent of the issue, Mike provided a much better quote and was patient enough to listen to my endless sewerpipe-blog-post-jun-5series of questions, all of which he answered perfectly. The crew showed up as scheduled and began their work. Digging the hole by hand, they reached the trouble spot and replaced the line with 4″ PVC SDR pipe. Battling through loose sandy soil, ground water and 2 hole collapses, the crew carried on with a degree of professionalism that is rarely seen these days. There was no complaining or passing comments of “oh this is gonna cost you more.” Concerned with all the rain we’ve been having, the crew backfilled the hole that day, replaced my temporary pavers and re-attached the stairs leading to my front porch. Had you not seen the monsterous hole earlier that day you’d never have known they were there. To Walter and crew, thank you so very much for all of your hard work, you guys definitely went the extra mile and beyond! The next day Mike returned to re-scope the system. Walking me through it step-by-step, Mike confirmed that everything was “perfect,” giving me back that piece of mind that I so desperately needed. When we settled up, the price was what he quoted me for, no surprises. I would highly recommend Drainworks to anyone in need of plumbing/drainage services. Their professionalism, expertise and courteous service is a rare find these days. Keep up the fabulous work! Sewer Main Replacement Toronto

Mike, East Toronto

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