11 Years Plumbing In Toronto – What do the big Y2K scare, Napster, the Mad Cow scare, mapping of the Human Genome and Elian Gonzalez all have in common? They all happened in the year 2000. These all may seem like disparate world wide headlines from the year, but I do have a very good reason for mentioning them, and the year 2000, more specifically. The reason this otherwise random year is being mentioned is that this was the last time we here at DrainWorks, your  plumbers in Toronto, didn’t win the Consumer’s Choice award for our Drain Service. 11 years. 11 consecutive years. We don’t like to to sing our own praises or toot our own proverbial horn very often, as we like to let our actions do the talking, but in essence our actions are what led to us talking today. 11 Years Plumbing In Toronto 1

11 years is a long time, and to maintain something, anything for that long is even harder. It requires a constant commitment and belief. It requires an unwavering purpose in what we do. It requires PASSION. All of these things, in tandem with the excellent people that have worked under the DrainWorks banner that believe in our mantra, and believe in doing things the right way, the first time, are to be thanked as they played an essential, invaluable part in becoming the best Toronto plumbing company in the city.

So here’s a tip of the hat, a pat on our own back, if you will, for showing people the BIG DrainWorks difference for 11 years and counting… Yours in being thankful the whole Y2K scare is behind us, Terry Cord Founder & President DrainWorks Plumbing .

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11 Years Plumbing In Toronto

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