Floor Drain Backing Up – Our floor drains in our basement were backing up every time we did laundry. The problem was with our outside trap (an older unnecessary system). We had DrainWorks come out and remove the old system and put in a straight pipe with two access points for easy future snaking to the road or into the house. Even though they had a dig down for the pipe replacement, everything was restored to almost the way it was before they came to dig. You could hardly tell they were there!

They also let me know I had a pipe from the trap to the road that was full of tree branches. Initially, this was going to be an extra cost to replace that pipe, but DrainWorks did the extra work to determine where the property line was likely to be and let me know that the issue was on city pipes and would be the responsibility of the city – saving me money. DrainWorks could have easily charged me additional money to replace this pipe but showed they were really on my side. I would recommend these guys to anyone. Not having the field guys on commission is the right way to go. You can believe that what they tell you is in your best interest!!

Floor Drain Backing Up

– John Walker –

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