Drain Plugged with Tree Roots – This review is for repairs I had done in February 2011. The toilet in my basement bathroom had gradually become temperamental over the years. Eventually, it would just overflow when flushed. I had DrainWorks come in to have a look. The camera scope showed that it was completely plugged by the tree roots and that these roots were encroaching on my main line. DrainwWorks had to jackhammer out the concrete floor to replace old, collapsed terra cotta tile pipe and replace it with plastic. They said it would be a 2 day job but it only ended up being a day and a half. They guys were very patient explaining to me what was wrong and how much it would cost to fix it. And they didn’t push me into making a cosmetic repair that wasn’t in my budget.

They just fixed the problem, completed the job to my satisfaction and cleaned up before they left. In addition, one of the DrainWorks guys informed me about a City of Toronto grant that would cover up to $2,000 of repairs if it was deemed to be a city tree’s roots in my plumbing. I would have never have known about this grant, nor about the procedures to follow in order to be eligible to apply for it. He didn’t have to tell me about it, but he did, and I ended up getting $2,000 back from the city. So not only did DrainWorks do a great job, they saved me a lot of money! Should I have other plumbing issues in the future, DrainWorks will be my first and only call.

Drain Plugged with Tree Roots.

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