Bathroom Faucet Repair Toronto – Here’s a story of our Toronto plumbing services from the North York portion of the city. No matter where you are, you can count on us for your plumbing, Toronto!

We had a leak from our kitchen to bathroom downstairs which ruined our ceiling. Our technician aided my late dad in opening the ceiling to view and repair the issue, he also repaired our upstairs faucet (in our new bathroom). Since he was here, I also asked if he could unclog my old shower drain, which once and awhile needs to be snaked out for a good flow). DrainWorks calls and commits their service, was on the way in a timely fashion (which also left me very pleased). After a quick internet search I called a few people then DrainWorks. I had waited for others to call me back however, DrainWorks came through in a prompt manner and was the first to serve me and respond back. They were reasonable with the cost and I needed the job done. Our technician had fixed our pipe, installed the new faucet and the cleaned drain within 30 minutes. We this company very reliable, efficient, very courteous and professional. Thanks DrainWorks! Ms Luciana in North York

Bathroom Faucet Repair Toronto

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