Shoo fly don’t bother me – While that well-loved song we sung as kids is almost 150 years old, the flies of the song title certainly aren’t child’s play when getting into the drain line of your home. For those of you fortunate enough to have never had drain flies in your home, they’re typically around 1/16” in length, and can vary in color, mostly in shades of the red/yellow/orange spectrum.

Drain flies can be an absolute nuisance, and a rather difficult one to address, if you aren’t approaching the problem the right way. To give everyone a bit of a primer, drain flies primarily tend to breed/develop in the moist areas we have in our homes. Some of the major culprits for housing them are septic tanks, garbage cans, compost bins, drains, be it underground (sanitary lines) or aboveground (kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, etc). Basically, anywhere there can be slimy residue (from soap scum, food waste, etc), or stagnant water is a prime area to investigate.

One thing you can try to do to remedy them is to put tape over the suspected drain(s) and remove it a few hours later to determine if there are any on the adhesive side that have tried to fly out of the drain. The adult drain flies tend to be very poor fliers and will get stuck very easily.

The drain flies really are a twofold problem; they’re a pest in their own right, and also indicate/act as a symptom of a bigger, underlying issue possibly. Once you’ve identified where they are coming from, you absolutely want to address the issue promptly as they procreate and spread rather rapidly; they can lay hundreds of thousands of eggs within a few weeks.

Some common household remedies that can work with success, albeit, sometimes limited, is to try any of the following – bleach, vinegar, boiling water in the problem area/problem drain. The reason, I say “limited success” is that, unless you’ve been able to eliminate all of them, they stand the chance to breed again in rapid succession.

If you’ve been unable to rectify this issue once and for all, feel free to give us a call. We’ve been dealing with issues like drain flies for 15+ years, and have won the Consumer’s Choice award for Drain Service excellence for an unprecedented 11 consecutive years. In fact, if the drain flies are coming out of your basement floor drain, call us before January 31, 2012 for a camera inspection of your underground sanitary drain system and quote this promo “FLY50” for $50 off the camera inspection! Don’t forget, you must print off this blog post and present it to our technician to take advantage of this great offer!

Yours in telling flies to “buzz” off, – Shoo fly don’t bother me
Terry Cord,
President and Founder,
DrainWorks Plumbing
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