Extensive Drain Problems Toronto:

Originally posted on Homestars on Jan 3, 2011

Review from C. O’Hanley in Toronto
Re: Replace 14 ft of Outside Sanitary Drain Pipes

“We had drain problems 2 days before Xmas. Armando Gatti from DrainWorks came and fixed temporarily, then his crew came back after Xmas to replace our drain pipe which was blocked with tree roots. The job turned out to be complex – they had to dig down 10 feet, tunnel, and then discovered that 4 houses connected into our pipe, requiring replacement of some very large, non-standard pipes and fittings which were difficult to locate during the holiday week.

The crew was fantastic – they worked long and hard in the cold weather digging, they kept us informed of the issues, options and cost impact, and were very careful about safety issues. After the job was done, they cleaned up the site, and even put down a layer of new topsoil where the hole was dug, and salt on the walk where it was wet from hosing the earth (to compact it).

Prior to making the final payment, Armando met with us and did a complete camera inspection of the drains so we could see what had been done and that there were no further problems in the drains.

Through out the process, the DrainWorks team kept us informed, arrived when they said they would, were upfront about what our options were and how much they would cost, and were very helpful in explaining how the city’s rebate program worked.

We were very happy with the service that the DrainWorks team gave us and would highly recommend them!”

Extensive Drain Problems Toronto

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