A Backup That No Store-Bought Chemical Could Even Begin to Fix:

Another review of your most trusted Toronto plumber, this one from HomeStars:

“The Drainworks team was here today to dig up approx 4-5′ of my basement floor in order to replace an old ceramic pipe where roots had managed to push at the connection between it and the PVC piping. As as result, and over many many years, roots continued to grow through and into the drainage system. The end result was of course, a blockage resulting in a backup. A backup that no store bought chemical could even begin to fix. Mike Dunn was originally on “the scene” to try to zero in on the problem, which he showed me on the camera and explained in full detail answering all my questions.

After moving ahead with the the only solution I can only say one thing and that is that from day one the team, including dispatchers, excavators, assistants etc..they were nothing but courteous, professional and efficient and considering the work that had to be done, very reasonably priced. They worked in a very methodical manner, and were very considerate to keep the work area and non affected area as clean as possible. After they were finished they even cleaned outside of their “taped off” work area. I would/will 100% recommend Drainworks. Thank you again!”

~ Nina

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A Backup That No Store-Bought Chemical Could Even Begin to Fix

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