Whatever it Takes to Get the Job Done –

Review from HomeStars:

“I will happily add to the many positive reviews of DrainWorks. Long story short, in August 2011 DrainWorks work on our property revealed an existing fault with the city-owned portion of our water service. The symptoms (severe lack of water pressure) were intermittent, combine that with the fact that DrainWorks had just completed major work and we had a hard time convincing the city that their portion was at fault. Frank from DrainWorks spent much time and effort at our house proving that their work was good and working with the city to restore our water. He was always responsive and available over the two weeks or so it took to resolve our issue. I’m sure it was a low-profit job for DrainWorks because of all the additional time spent and work done but he was always friendly and understanding that we needed our water back. Thanks Frank and crew!” ~ Julie King in Toronto

Whatever it Takes to Get the Job Done

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