Basement Flooding Requires a Late Night Fix:

Nancy A. in Oakville, Ontario: “DrainWorks Gets The Thumbs Up!” re: Complete Sewer Replacement & Bathroom.

Back in February I had a basement flood at 7 PM at night. An ongoing problem about once a year for the last 5 years. I called the last drain cleaning company that I used to have clean our drains, and got the answering machine. Well that just wasn’t good enough. I used the internet to get a list of plumbers and called up DrainWorks. First of all, I actually had someone answer the phone.

You say, well maybe they work till 9 PM? No, they actually had Jeremy come out to clear the clog that night. After discussing the problem and scoping the drain, we had an ongoing problem that would happen again and again if it didn’t get fixed. That’s all I needed to hear that they could handle the problem. By the way, Jeremy was here till 11 PM. Less than a week later, DrainWorks had a crew out to fix my sewer main. At the same time, they scoped all my other pipes to make sure we didn’t have any other problems. Glad they did because the pipe from the kitchen to the main was almost totally clogged. 50+ years of kitchen grease. The decision was made to change that pipe too. Oh ya, why not get that basement bathroom piping put in at the same time. I always wanted a bathroom in the basement. So they did that too.

Armando & crew, you did a great job! Well here it is April and my husband says, I wish we put a shower pipe in when we had the plumbing done. At the time there was a wall in the way so the vision of the basement bathroom was not there. Well you know who I called. Sandy answered the phone and had Mike out to talk to me the same day. I asked if there was anyway they could do the job this week as I was on holidays. Mike arranged to have the job done the very next day.

Basement Flooding Requires a Late Night Fix

Vasil & crew, fantastic job! This company is well organized, efficient & clean. I would not hesitate to call them again.

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