Drain Camera Inspection – Here is another customer review pulled from HomeStars.com that discusses our plumbers in Toronto. We hope that you’ll enjoy this story on the beauty of video camera inspections.

“With large trees on our property, I knew that eventually we would likely have a back up related to root infiltration. That day came this fall. DrainWorks camera inspection revealed an initial large blockage, and we started what became a several day-long process. Holes dug in the basement and the driveway and tunneling (or pipebursting) under the furnace to get to the main drain connections in the basement. Once inside, of course it became evident that everything had to be replaced. The beauty of the equipment they use is that you can see clearly what the issues are, and don’t feel you are being oversold. Your hand is held through this process by the man with the camera equipment (not literally)–in our case Mike Dunn.

Although he must have to explain the mechanics of drain systems, options and potential worst case scenarios over and over to worried home owners, I never had the feeling that he was bored or frustrated by my many questions. (I gather that the company encourages them to spend as much time as required going over the details so that the customer understands, rather than pressing them to move on to the next job as soon as possible). I has similar experiences with supervisory personnel I came into contact with. Although my job was an expensive one, (a crew of three in my basement for 3 days!), Mike saved me more expense in future by carefully going over the camera inspection one last time after the work was done. Your basement turned into a war zone of trenches and piles of dirt, so it also seems like a miracle that the floor is eventually smooth again, and that the workers clean up well, including washing all the floors before leaving.” ~ Mac in East Toronto.

Note from DrainWorks:

Regular camera inspections can go a long way in preventing messy backups that can cause more damage and costs than doing the inspection itself and clearing any clogs earlier on. We are even offering $25 off a drain camera inspection of your main sanitary line until May 31, 2012.

So if you haven’t checked your pipes in a while (or ever), maybe now is the time!

Thanks for reading, from your friendly Toronto plumbers.

– DrainWorks Team

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