Relieve Plumbing Problem Stress – Here’s another story of our plumbers in Toronto doing great in the Forest Hill area. From the east end to Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton and beyond, we’re here for your call at 416 486 0000.

We had not used DrainWorks’ plumbers before. We had a flood in our Basement whilst we were away, and upon return found a complete mess. We called DrainWorks, and the dispatcher was efficient and told us he would have a worker at our home within an hour or two. Well I couldn’t believe it when Mike showed up with his partner Eric, what a great pair they are. Polite, helpful, funny – just the kind of guys we needed because we were stressed. They used their camera equipment and located the problem which entailed the whole of the family room floor being torn up, and the front lawn as well. They gave us a price, we agreed, they started work the next day. We have never seen people work as well, and as efficiently, it was hot, they never complained. Unfortunately we found more work to be done at the rear of the house, the clay pipes had disintegrated from age and all needed to be replaced, they gave us a most fair price for the additional work and completed it promptly. We have since had Mike and Eric back this year first for a plugged kitchen sink, and then again for frozen pipes today. Once again these guys were superior workmen, congenial, amusing, and they made the bill hurt even less. DrainWorks are good at what they do, they have good loyal employees such as Mike and Eric. DrainWorks is fortunate to have these gentlemen, and so were we.

Written by Stephen from Forest Hil, Toronto

Relieve Plumbing Problem Stress

A Note from DrainWorks: It’s always better to avoid situations such as the above. A regular drain camera inspection can make sure that everything is ‘flowing smoothly’, preventing unneeded messes and costs! Check out our Camera Inspection Promotion here!

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