A Unique Customer’s Observations of our Plumbers – I live in an old house and our basement shower drain backed up when the main floor toilet was flushed. My first experience was with a company endorsed by a television celebrity. Perhaps it was the unprepossessing appearance of my house (or of myself), but the rather brusque technician seemed anxious to leave as soon as he arrived. After an extremely cursory inspection he suggested I call another company because it would be “cheaper.” Puzzled and a little offended, I called DrainWorks next.

I would have to say the experience was quite positive. Matt the technician arrived within the scheduled time, diagnosed the problem and carefully outlined my options. He was knowledgeable, respectful and quickly found and removed the blockage – a tree root – from my drain. I appreciate that Matt took the time to answer all my questions and concerns and I learned a lot of interesting things about drains, clogs and pipes during the process. As I understand it, DrainWorks has a force of permanent salaried employees rather than ones working under contract or commission. This probably makes for a less pressurized environment and lessens the temptation to up-sell on the part of the tradesman. In any case, I am pleased that Matt remedied a stressful and unpleasant problem in such a timely and gentlemanly fashion.

A Unique Customer’s Observations of our Plumbers

~ Customer Review by Paul Werk in Toronto Ontario

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