Unplug Drain Line – We recently discovered a plugged exterior drainage line running down the side of our house and out under the driveway. After being unable to resolve the problem ourselves, we called Drainworks plumbers. The telephone response was polite, informative and professional. Within 90 minutes (on a Sunday no less) a technician arrived, explained the procedure and promptly cleared the line. At his suggestion we agreed to check the drainage pipe with a fiber optic camera – or as they call it, a drain camera inspection.

This was well worth the additional expense as we acquired important new information about this particular drainage set up that will surely come in useful in the future. The technician, Matt, was very efficient and effective and we were very pleased with what he achieved. We highly recommend Drainworks Toronto plumbing and will use this company again should the need arise (but of course, we hope it doesn’t).

Unplug Drain Line

~ Gillian Wadman in Toronto

A Note from DrainWorks: Having your drain lines inspected with a camera snake is always good practice for avoiding any future problems.  A small expense now could save you a much larger expense in the future if a foreseeable problem is not caught ahead of time. To make matters easier, we’re offering $25 off a drain camera inspection of your main sanitary line until May 31.

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