Toronto Plumbers Walk You Through the Problem – One of the things we take pride in at DrainWorks is our borderline obsession with quality customer service. Here’s another review that speaks to that kind of dedication we take to plumbing, Toronto.

We had a drain backup in our basement that we noticed after doing a load of laundry. The next day I visited Homestars to look for plumbers to get us flowing again. I wrote down the phone numbers of 4 plumbers and started with DrainWorks. They came over that night after I finished work and were very prompt. Jeremy shows up, checks things out and informs me that he recommends a camera scope first to see what’s going on since we have a lot of old clay pipes still, and then to follow with a drain snake if necessary.

After meeting him and getting a reasonable quote, I didn’t even bother with the other 3 companies. We looked at the monitor as he put the camera through and saw that the problem was roots that had invaded into the pipes in 3 different areas. He was completely fine with my curiosity in the matter and showed me what he was doing each step of the way. I ‘okayed’ the snaking and he was able to get nearly everything with only the 2″ snake since he had to go through the toilet drain and not the main drain. It’s not a problem solver but at least it got us following again and allowed us a fair bit of time to plan the next steps for removing the old clay pipes. He located where they would have to dig and helped me understand the next steps whenever we want to do it. Hopefully this buys us 6 months of time to prep.

After all was done Jeremy cleaned things up to the way he found it and was very courteous and careful. I would highly recommend DrainWorks, they don’t pressure you into doing anything and they really help you understand what the issue is and offer their advise. Kudos!

Toronto Plumbers Walk You Through the Problem

Customer Review by Rob in Toronto

It’s feedback like this that makes reinforces our confidence in saying that we’re the plumbers in Toronto you can trust. We’re ready for your call at 416 486 0000 — any time of day, any day of the year.

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