The Tale of a Kitchen Sink – This review came into us from a customer who made a home renovation and ran into a a pretty significant issue along the way; this is how DrainWorks came in and fixed it.

The Issue: We recently replaced our countertop and with it, replaced our over-mount sink with an undermount sink. We forgot to account for the added depth that the undermount sink has and as a result, our existing plumbing no longer fit. We discovered this on a Saturday and it had already been almost a week without a functional kitchen so we were in a bit of a panic.

The Search: We used HomeStars to find plumbers in Toronto. We called another company first and I got a rep on the phone who wouldn’t discuss the problem with me, she would only take my information so someone could call me back. So I moved on through the reviews and called DrainWorks. The person I spoke with discussed my situation with me and let me know that the DrainWorks contractors are equipped to handle just about any job which meant that I could feel very confident that once they came to our house for the initial estimate, the plumbing would be fixed during the same visit (this is because of our ‘mobile warehouses!‘).

The Solution: Chris was assigned to our project and he was really great. He replaced our existing plumbing which was not anticipated – but we also weren’t surprised because the whole system was falling apart. Once he tested the work he had done, we found a leak somewhere else. The leak was behind a cupboard wall and the only solution was to cut through. Again, we suspected that might be a problem but didn’t know until everything else was done. Chris was equipped to handle this and cut out a portion in a far corner that was out of the way. He also cut a little finger hole so that, in the future, we could now use this as a plumbing access panel. I thought it was ingenious. In addition, he assembled the new plumbing in a way that we can more easily access it and take it apart ourselves if we need to. Chris was polite, friendly, and enjoyable to work with. The quality of his work is far superior to what was already installed. He left the site spotless and I would absolutely recommend him, and DrainWorks again.

The Tale of a Kitchen Sink

Customer Review by Colette in Toronto

Remember, whether you need a retrofit for your existing kitchen sink, or you have a clog and require Toronto drain cleaning services, we are there for you around the clock, every day of the year. Give us a call anytime: 416 486 0000.

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