Bettering Your Plumbing Understanding – Our floor drain in the basement backed up; upon inspection by another company it was determined the problem was caused by tree roots. We contacted Drainworks for a second opinion as we felt very pressured by the other company. They got back to us immediately. Their plumbers were very thorough and honest, and we also saved over $1000.00 by using them.

By coincidence another problem occurred and we used Drainworks for that repair also. Lou seemed to really care about us and made sure we were well informed and understood what was involved in the repairs. He also inspected the other job done by the plumber. Had we used the other company our entire driveway (and our neighbours) would have been completely destroyed which would have cost much more money. In the spring we will simply need a small patch.

We will not hesitate to use Drainworks again should the need arise. Call Drainworks with confidence.

Bettering Your Plumbing Understanding

~ Toronto Plumbing Customer Review

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