My Toilet Backs Up – Here is the review by Yosh Imahori, one of our Toronto plumber customers, about his recent basement toilet back-up, who gave DrainWorks Plumbing an 8 out of 10 rating on HomeStars:

“The service I recieved was great! DrainWorks gave me an accurate time of arrival and provided me with the details of the work upfront. The service person showed me everything I needed to know about my basement drain and he clean it out quickly. The only issue I had was the additional cost for the removal of the toilet. Time permitting or with advanced notice I could have done that on my own. At the cost of the service and the little time that was expended removing and replacing the toilet, I expected the toilet removal to be included. I did feel that I was under pressure to accept the additional cost since it would have meant that the service person would leave and have to come back later. Had the service been seamless without such a decision, I would have rated DrainWorks a 10.”

Here is our owner response to Yosh’s review:

“**Thanks Yosh** We appreciate the kind words, and are happy you found our service great. In addition, it’s very satisfying to hear that you like our policy of providing an accurate arrival time as well as the details for the work, upfront. In regards to the additional cost for the removal of the toilet, there is no way to give an exact price for a job over the phone, as there are far too many variables to consider with any given job. In your case, it was described it as a plugged bathtub, when booking the call, however, it turned out to be a larger main sanitary line issue, which we addressed for you with multiple services, which is the reason for the increase in cost. We certainly wouldn’t have wanted to have you remove the toilet needlessly, hence the assessment once our technician was onsite. Thank you again for the wonderful review. We truly appreciate the feedback”

My Toilet Backs Up

It’s stories like Yosh’s that show why we’re the plumber Toronto trusts with all their drain needs!

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