Toronto Plumber Open On Canada Day – I had a bad leak under my sink, due to some bad plumbing and a drain backup / blockage, and all this happened on Canada Day when I was sure that all plumbing companies would be closed. I called Drainworks on the morning of July 2 and a plumber was at my house within 4 hours. Phil Burns did a fantastic job explaining the situation to me and provided excellent and fast work to replace the poor plumbing I had under the sink, which fixed the leaks also.

Since the drain was also blocked and there was no clean-out to be found anywhere in my basement, Phil installed a clean-out right on the drain pipe. He then, free of charge, took some of his time to help me snake the drain and he was able to clear whatever was causing the blockage. I appreciate the excellent and friendly service that he provided. I had meant to show him another plumbing problem that I had in my basement, for a step-up tub that I am currently not using, but I forgot to tell him about it. I will not hesitate to call Drainworks again, knowing that I will receive excellent service.

Toronto Plumber Open On Canada Day:

Customer Review by Jerry in Toronto

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