Snaking of Drain Pipe – Here is the review of our plumbers in Toronto that was given on HomeStars by Jake Lucic in Burlington:

“Overall, very pleasant experience. This is the second time using this company after having poor experience with one of their competitors previously. Our first time was 3 years ago (2009). Friendly, courteous staff, carefully brought equipment in, laid down tarps, cleaned thoroughly afterward, etc. This was simple precaution snaking as we had previously had back-up, and all went as planned on time, etc. Company calls ahead to give delivery time window, and individual tradesman showed up on time.

My only slight concern was the plumber’s desire to upsell services. I understand this from a business perspective, but if I wasn’t here and say my wife were to have been on her own for this visit, I feel she may have ended up with additional unnecessary camera scope work (+$300), but if you’re confident in the work you need done & tell them that, they left it there. I should note my main reason for writing this review is the financial benefit in doing so. The company offers a $25 cheque back to you for writing this. You can say good or bad. Another nice touch, as we’re choosing to do is to donate to Sick Kids foundation (you can keep yourself too) which apparently comes with full receipt of proof, etc. Anyways, overall I would highly recommend this company & I have no personal ties in anyway to them.” (Snaking of Drain Pipe)

Here is the response we at DrainWorks gave to Jake. We actually appreciate comments like this because it shows us areas that we may not communicate effectively enough on, and it gives us the chance to correct the issue with the customer:

“**Thanks Jake** We’re thrilled to hear that you had another pleasant experience with us. It’s always rewarding when a customer appreciates everything we do to deliver a first rate experience to them, be it punctuality, friendliness, courteousness, or taking the extra precautions to ensure your home stays clean while we are there working. As we had clarified in our follow up phone call to you, the drain camera inspection offered was an additional $155, not $300, but as you said in our conversation, it certainly is a great value, and provides the home owner with accurate information as to the state of their drain line – should they want it. We always offer camera inspections on sanitary drain line calls, simply to ensure our customers are fully aware of any underlying problems that may go otherwise undetected.

Also, we’re glad that you appreciate our transparency in encouraging our customers to post reviews on us; good or bad. It helps us grow as a company and enables us to understand the needs of our customers. Thank you for recommending us so highly and for choosing to donate to Sick Kids; we firmly believe that this is truly a win for the children, our customers, and us as a company.” Thanks again for choosing as your trusted trusted Toronto plumber.

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